I came across a catch phrase “If you Don’t Eat A Lion that Does not Mean that The Lion Won’t Eat You” by Udaylal Pai.

And then in that utter silence as I was still savouring these words when an unsaid conversation followed it was as if my soul was directing my mind.

The concept of karma is flawed, karma is not some cosmic force policing you on your behaviour. during the ancient periods the elders who lived a full life discovered that if you help enough people during your life time then it is very likely that it will be returned at the time of need,( we also have to remember that the population was not as much as it used to be and most people lived their lives at one place ) thus the theory of reciprocity for the need of survival made us do more good and kept our behaviour on check.

The question then arises if that’s the case, why be good at all? If my goodness does nothing to alleviate my suffering (not directly anyway), why bother with all this goodness and kindness business ?

But remember detachment does not mean that you own nothing but that nothing should own you.

Lastly I feel, the opposite of goodness doesn’t shield you from suffering either. it’s not when we have our way but when we make way that we experience joy and happiness.



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