Two Oxy-morons !

karanbir singh
2 min readApr 11, 2022


Every day I wake up to her thought,
Morning’s that are still morning but just not good.
I sit at the same corner only now to be alone,
to witness the blank space.
I speak of you in and out of my mind
wondering what made the difference.
We weren’t perfectly a-line but wired imperfectly.
There wasn’t much I held for you in the beginning but then the summer ended.

The heat submerged its warmth in the sea
and the chill occupied the air and we started with our song.
The two oxymor’n’s now living like a synonym.
Nothing was perfect,
The idealism of relationship was about to be-fall, but then you stood there,
Carving our friendship out of each word whenever it wrong,
Aligning them with great symphony.
I wasn’t ready but who was I to challenge the stars,
Like a day you ended it all.

Before the change of winter you swung back and left a part of me to crawl.
Quoting the lines of rules and acting as if nothing was wrong.
I believed I took care of my part,
As it had submerged before in an iceberg
But this time it was a little strong.
For I never meant to have you for a life time but for a time that could last lifelong.

But now you were gone both lost the symphony and the song.
He tried to hold himself back thinking he was strong.
Worked on it, but this time he wrote only half a song mixing the symphony of the two oxy-morons.

Waiting for his part to be re-lined as his feelings towards you were still strong.
But then you merged with your true self to become an Amazon.
Writing reviews and leaving things in Cart with its price on,
Time wrote its cheque and in-cashed it all.
Finally the heart was strong,
having you back still meant that you were gone.



karanbir singh