The Rising Intolerance

karanbir singh
2 min readFeb 22, 2022

Bewildered by the rising animosity amongst people of different faiths led me to question the birth of religion. Were the different religions established to dissect the different ways available to journey life or were they segregated by colours and credo, where each conglomerate to become a house which at some point will be led by a despotic personality who out of his pride will wage ideological wars to keep people of his faith stuck in the belief of what they believe they were all born for!

Why do people surrender themselves blindly to religious dogmas without questioning it? Even though faith cannot be questioned but at-least its advocators should be. How can the colour of my skin and faith stand divisible while underneath, we all bleed red! How come the blood in each of us follows the same route to the heart yet some have swollen thoughts?

The rising intolerance and stereotypes have marked the birth of insecurities where justice is marked by the voice of power and not just, where my freedom of speech does not guarantee my freedom after. I saw my inner voice echoing ​when I stumbled upon two books that were mooring the same boat where one explains why he is a Hindu and the other explains her struggles of mothering a Muslim, both narrating the rising disparity that has fractured our Constitution and increased the division within the boundaries of India.

Standing on the melting ice of being called the young souls of the country we are expected to alter the carbon in the air which has led to the depletion of our benevolent nature and submerged this country into countless barracks of idealism, religious phobia, corruption, misogyny and backward-ideology of a raj that was once experienced in the novels. Today the nature of politics has become worse than the politicians themselves, driving each new entrant towards the same end, where as we all know it, nationalism becomes a common denominator and a propagandist is placed above as a standard prop to save the day.

Today as a society we transition like the waning moon, which in the end could either lead to a new start or leave a black dot in which THEY will dissolve and what will remain is the invisible US.