The Lost Traveler

karanbir singh
1 min readApr 20, 2022

Exonerated yet caught between likes
Dimly words have infused another life
I Was Filled with colours but have folded them in day light
Forecasting tomorrow has taken my today’s life
Sentence has ended but words are still running in my mind
How did I enter the world with this open mind
Only to be cluttered with insecurities that haven’t even been mine

Illusion has gripped my moral sense
Exasperated soul has seen the end
The world will buffer some people will suffer and
some leave without their ascend

But Before nature takes its call before my time takes it all
In the middle of this catastrophe
I will descend from this journey of worldly war
Break the clutches and leave them all
Open the box and leave everything to fall
Until I find the colour that had my call
Paint myself and leave to patrol
Before a broken rubber can erase it all.