The city, The village and Us.

Even though democracy is a sound instrument where every voice is heard equally but not all get obeyed as in the end it too like most things in life is a game of numbers, which is why even though my mother had to cancel her visit last minute because of an emergency case in our hospital she voted in compliance with her mother that the trip should not be postponed and that I should accompany her at all cost. Which was nothing less than a nightmare even though there is an incessant flow of love between us we still share an age gap of two generation. Which meant that during our entire trip there will be only one voice dictating, from the music to be played in the car to the actual speed of the car. In hindsight I knew it wasn’t her fault for my grandmother grew in an army family and then at a young age was married to an army officer. Discipline and order were not just embedded in her DNA but were now part of her muscle memory. Which could be one of the reasons why she still even as an octogenarian is healthy enough to manages her farmhouse all by herself. But it was impossible for a young mind like mine to comprehend and put such view in perspective on an early winter morning.

With hesitation and discontent in my voice I walked and joined the chorus of noises bursting through my house. The breakfast was being placed, food was being packed for our journey, clothes were being ironed by the house help and the driver was cleaning the car with loud music being played on his phone, and my mother kept pointing at me while instructing the nurse on her intercom.

At quarter past eight we all stood at the gate of our house, mom placing some sugar which according to the Indian mythology was essential whenever someone left the house for a journey. While on the other hand my grandmother who wore a white salwar kameez with a thick brown sweater and a shawl wrapped around her stood in the prayer room looking that photo of her husband that mom had placed on the wall next to the rest of the depart souls of our family. After giving few instructions to the driver and an exchange of warm hugs we finally started with our journey.



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