Should you self- publish your book or not ?

Even though having a big publisher is the ultimate aim for all writers as after you attain a certain good-will in the market you are able to encash more money for your work but there are different ways to reach the same top.

If you haven’t been singed by anyone make sure you take that to your advantage, all you have to do is put some skin in the game. Yes you will have to save some money to invest in publishing your book but then again it is like investing in your own future.

Tip1 : Self publishing can be a game changer !

You don’t have to start big but start smart, before you approach a self publishing house get your book edited and designed properly. Please don’t try and save on editing and book cover, these are the only pieces of the process that I request everyone to spend the most because a good editor can really shape, structure and refine your words and story, whereas a good book cover will always be the deciding factor for your sale.

Tip 2: Remember we always judge a book by its cover !

A good book has no shelf life it will and can continue to survive even beyond your time. Usually all self -publishers offer you editing and book cover service but I personally like to work with independent editors and designers as it lets me develop a long relationship and stay in charge of my work. Only after I am satisfied with cover and the editing I approach a self publisher. Make sure to have EVERY SINGLE detail mentioned in your contract. Once your book is published and is active on amazon. Use Micro influencing like podcast, book reviewers, Instagram ads, facebook ads and facebook groups to post about your work. Go to every book club in your city and the cities you visit and introduce your book. Request those who read your book for reviews on amazon and good read.

Tip3: See if you can connect your book to any growing topic of the world.

Through self publishing you are entitled to all the revenues that your book does, there is no one in the middle (except Amazon, who will charge a small fee for selling through its portal ) to take either credit or your profits. Then you can use these reviews and publicity to write to the literary agent because in the end no matter how important the art and craft is, they all want money.

Tip4 : Remember there is a market for everything.

You have to at times Invest in your own work and believe that your work is worth the pennies that you envision it to be. But no matter who you are invest small amounts in your Instagram, facebook, youtube ads or in an affiliate marketing( When I hire an affiliate marketing company they get paid for either every view that I get on my amazon book sale page or the sale of the book). Start small but remain consistent with your marketing plan. And remember all it will take is one correct connection with the audience to make your book a best-seller.

Tip5: Smart Marketing is the key to success.



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