Should you self- publish your book or not ?

Even though having a big publisher is the ultimate aim for all writers as after you attain a certain good-will in the market you are able to encash more money for your work but there are different ways to reach the same top.

If you haven’t been singed by anyone make sure you take that to your advantage, all you have to do is put some skin in the game. Yes you will have to save some money to invest in publishing your book but then again it is like investing in your own future.

Tip1 : Self publishing can be a game changer !

Tip 2: Remember we always judge a book by its cover !

Tip3: See if you can connect your book to any growing topic of the world.

Tip4 : Remember there is a market for everything.

Tip5: Smart Marketing is the key to success.



Writer, Author & Actor

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