Make that podcast now!!!

Finally, Podcast has reached a state where you don’t need to define what it means. Most of us are listening to them and those of us who aren’t are at least aware of it. After listening to a few podcasts, I had a deep desire to create my own, but these few celestine questions filled my heart, what do you talk about? haven’t people already made podcasts on these same topics? who will listen to me and the most cardinal one how to get views on it?

If you too have been procrastinating like me, stop right now! follow these steps below and make your podcast now, rest everything will follow.

Step one — How to pick a topic?

If this is your first podcast then, find a quiet place and then take a piece of paper and write down things or topics that you can talk about constantly for at least 10 to 15 minutes without giving it a thought, it doesn’t matter what it is, there is space for everything. Like for me writing books and coping with loss was something that I can talk about even when I am asleep. The reason why you should choose something which is really familiar is because it helps you settle in with the process. The more comfortable you are with your topic the more comfortable you will be with yourself and the camera.

Step two — Record even if its Gibberish

Now that you have a topic you need a plot the more specific you are the better it is otherwise it is highly likely that in the middle you will go astray and that will just confuse your audience. You want them to listen to your entire show, hence you focus on one plot. Now your plot needs a structure, which means a beginning, middle and end. For some of us, it’s easy to build a structure but for the rest, you don’t have to sweat at all. Take your phone or any device open the voice recorder and just talk. If you get stuck at any point and the words aren’t coming to you just talk gibberish. It will not only help you overcome your mental block but also decreases your chances of panicking if you ever get stuck in the near future and will help you easily sail through your thought block.

Step three — Go for it

In the beginning, you don’t have to buy a fancy mic or app, if you can go for it, good and if you can’t its absolutely fine you can use your phone recorder. Plus, there are plenty of apps like audacity which you can use for free. To cut down on the background noise, keep your room ready with the right temperature so that later when you switch off the fan or heater you will still be comfortable. Choose night over day as it will be much quieter, and you won’t have to work much on your edits. Finally don’t write your entire speech down, it will only make you conscious and lead to many takes, keep it conversational and don’t think you cannot fumble at all or take pauses occasionally. Keep it natural that’s the key.

Step four — Take the plunge, share it with the world.

Now once you have you have edited your mp3 file, the file has to be uploaded to a podcast host, like buzzsprout, anchor, speaker etc. this is where you will write the name of the episode add the description and cover photo of the show and through this platform with just one click, you can send it to all the podcast sources like apple, Spotify, Stitcher, google etc. Your host does all the work for you.

Sometimes people ask me, why will someone listen to this? There are already so many voices around the same topic? For all those who are haunted by these questions just ask yourself one thing, what do you have to lose? And always remember it’s your perspective and journey that makes you unique. Last piece of advice, if you liked the process don’t stop. You can take your time to research new topics and voice your opinion on them but keep making as many as you can, that is the only way you build your own audience and have more downloads, remember ‘Rome wasn't built in a day’.



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