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karanbir singh
3 min readApr 6, 2022


As much as I love to writer I love to earn too and there are very few platforms that let you earn a good amount for your content. I joined medium to practice, improve, and augment my writing skills along with making few bucks so that I can be motivated to keep going.

So I started my journey here at medium about a month ago and wrote 10 articles but hardly had any views or audience, it was a really slow growth. Then I paused my writing and started to research and found two great methods that not only boosted my audience from 15 to now close to 50 followers in less than 2 weeks.

First- Make two list.

First list is for you to find your niche whatever it is that you have a sound knowledge of and make a list of it. Once you are clear of your topics it helps you clear your thoughts on what all you are going to write for the entire month to say the least. Then find how can your knowledge help people, because don’t forget we are all humans here and are motivated and interested when we feel something will add more value to my life. Second use the key words that resonate to your interest and see what are the most popular to the least viewed article to all that people have written around it.

( Also it really doesn’t matter if someone has already written what you wanted to write remember your take on things, your perception is what makes you unique and if someone has already used that perception still write what you want for “we are all living on recycled words”.)

Now make a list of suggestion of blogs (and their title ) that show up on your search because that is trending on that particular day and sometimes its good to use the wind to your advantage, by writing around the same topics. And I asked you to make a note of your title because in this age of over information and know it all, we all judge a book by its cover. So you have to keep it a little catchy and try and make sure that it conveys to the reader that they will gain from your article and make sure they actually do.

Second — Interact !

You might be sharp when alone but stronger when together.

After all we are a community what you sow is how you will reap. If you interact more with other readers, clap when you feel and leave a comment to appreciate when you like something the love will come around for I believe kindness always comes back just don’t be too pretentious or fake. You can even start a thread on someones( who is popular )article. Share your insight or even a small para and leave a link if you have written an article around the same thing ( and if you have an opposing view don’t be mean with your words)

Bonus tip —

At times you can also ask for a “ follow me for a follow back” I did that too but the only problem is that your audience could increase over night but they might not be the ones who have the same interest as you have on topics you want to write about. So you might have an audience but still struggle for views. Which is why follow, write and talk to people who have similar interest at least to start with.

And remember good things always take time, be consistent.



karanbir singh